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Non-Contact or Ear Infrared Baby Thermometer

Introducing the CE Approved Digital Non-Contact or Ear Slimline Infrared Baby Thermometer – The Ultimate Health Companion for Your Family!

🌡️ Fast, Accurate, and Non-Invasive Temperature Measurement: Our state-of-the-art thermometer provides rapid, non-contact forehead temperature readings for your precious baby. Need to check their ear temperature? Simply remove the cap and switch to ear mode for a quick and gentle measurement.

For the Whole Family: This versatile device isn't just for babies – it's your go-to thermometer for checking temperatures during illness, flu, or even in these challenging times with Covid. Keep your entire family safe and healthy with ease.

🍼 Baby Bottle Mode: We understand how crucial it is to get the baby's milk temperature just right. That's why our thermometer also features a specialized baby bottle mode to ensure that your little one's milk is at the perfect temperature every time.

Key Features:

✅ CE Approval for Peace of Mind

✅ Non-Contact and Ear Modes for Maximum Convenience

✅ Suitable for All Ages – From Babies to Adults

✅ Versatile for Illness, Flu, and Covid Monitoring

✅ Precise Baby Bottle Mode for Milk Temperature

✅ Slimline and Easy to Use

✅ High-Quality Infrared Technology for Accuracy

Trust in the safety and efficiency of our CE Approved Digital Non-Contact or Ear Slimline Infrared Baby Thermometer. Order yours today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable health companion at your fingertips. Your family's well-being is our top priority!

1. Range for human body: 34.0℃-43.0℃
2. Range for object: 0℃-93℃
3. Three Color Back-lit display
4. C/F reading available
5.10 Memories
6. Automatic switch off
7. Battery level indication
8. Buzzer for fever alarm
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Non-Contact or Ear Infrared Baby Thermometer

Bamboo Based & Certified Biodegradable

  • High Bamboo Content

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Certified Vegan

  • Naturally Eczema Safe

  • Breaks down in 147days