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Our Eco-Credentials

Packed with Bamboo, for superior Biodegradeability

Our nappies feature 100% bamboo top & back sheets, plus plant based Japanese SAP and bamboo fluff at their core.

This means that the majority of our nappy biodegrades in just 147 days!

We know this for sure, because our nappies have been independently tested and certified by the SGS ( an internationally recognised inspection, testing and certification organisation).


So exactly which parts of our nappy are biodegrade within 147 days?

All the green areas biodegrade in 147 days.  The grey areas, like the tabs, elastication around the legs and inner waterproof sheet will continue to biodegrade but these elements will take longer than the rest of the nappy.



Why does Biodegradability rate matter?

Everything biodegrades eventually....even traditional nappies, which can take anything from 150 - 500 years.  But we are sending over 2.75 million nappies to landfill every single day in Australia and New Zealand.  That's why biodegradeability rate for disposable nappies is as important as the material from which they are made. The quicker they biodgrade, the better. 

Biodegradeability rate refers to the speed and extent to which a substance can be broken down and recycled by natural processes, like the action of microorganisms, sunlight, and moisture. The rate at which a material biodegrades and what it breaks down into, determines how long it will persist in the environment and whether it will contribute to pollution and waste accumulation.

Higher biodegradability rates help by :

    Reducing environmental impact.  

    Natural materials like bamboo quickly break down into harmless natural elements, such as water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter, protecting our waterways and wild areas from toxic pollution. 

      Resource Conservation:
      The quicker the biodegradeability rate, the more likely a product can be reused or recycled back into the circular economoy.  Think compost or cat-litter for disposable nappies

        Waste Management:
        Materials that quickly biodegrade reduce the strain on waste management systems by naturally breaking down and reducing the need for long-term disposal

        Incorporating sustainable biodegradable materials like bamboo into high volume products can help conservation efforts and reducing the impact on fragile ecosystems.

         Our Other ECO-Certificates:


        The OEKO-Tex standard, is the most authorative and influential textile eco-label in the world.  Carrying this certification means that our nappies are free from nasties like latex, parabens, chlorine, inks, prints, and fragrances, so not only are they perfect for sensitive skin, they leave no toxic residue when they break down.


        OK-Biobased is an authorative certification label determining the amount of biological (plant-based) material in a product.  This is important for disposable nappies and other products since you can't always see whats inside.

        Forestry Stewardship Council is the world's most trusted forest certication, which is dedicated to promoting responsible forest management.  Products that carry this certification sustainably source their material in compliance with FSC guidelines.