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Laundry powder sheet - Ocean Scent

Laundry powder sheet is an innovative washing product

Super concentrated technology. It’s different from the traditional detergent powder and liquid, with strong cleaning power our Eco-friendly.  Laundry Sheets are  thin and light, easy to carry and store.    One sheet one load, you can reduce the dose for small size loads by using only half of a sheet.     The sheets dissolve in warm or cold water.  Can be used in either a top load machine via the power compartment or by placing the sheet directly into a top loader.

This Laundry Sheet pack is  Sea Breeze Fragrance  and is super concentrated and contain only essential cleaning ingredients with no chlorine, bleach,  parabens, or phosphates.  Elimin8’s sheet are grey water safe and  ocean friendly,  our sheets come in a super compact kraft cardboard  box which is home compostable.

Using our sheets reduce your  CO2 as transport weight is one of the largest source of carbon emissions, by using laundry sheets you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint by just switching from a heavy plastic containers to our sheets.  By reducing the weight of transported goods, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Elimin8 plastic bottles.

Lots of laundry products in the market contain parabens, phosphates, petroleum’s and harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin causing conditions such as hives and dermatitis. Elimin8 sheets are fine for the whole family including those with sensitive skin.

Ideal to use in the home, take a few sheets away with you or for FIFO workers.  All Elimin8 orders are shipped using eco-friendly packaging.

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Laundry powder sheet - Ocean Scent

Bamboo Based & Certified Biodegradable

  • High Bamboo Content

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Certified Vegan

  • Naturally Eczema Safe

  • Breaks down in 147days