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Bamboo cotton Buds

Swap out your wasteful plastic cotton buds for our Bamboo Cotton Buds!

Made from organic, sustainably sourced bamboo, these fully biodegradable buds offer a gentle and soft alternative for personal hygiene. Plus, the conveniently large tub, means you'll never run out! Switch to Bamboo Cotton Buds today!

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Bamboo Cotton, biodegradable package

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Bamboo cotton Buds

Customer Reviews

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April F.

You can feel the difference in the quality of buds. They're great and should be sold in supermarkets!

They are really fabulous and stop the harm that plastic handles from other buds do to our oceans and marine life.

Biodegradable & Plant Based

  • Sustainable

  • Super-soft & Chemical Free

  • Biodegradable

  • Ultra-absorbent

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Compostable