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Ultimate Eco-Bundle

Ultimate Eco-Bundle

Looking for a truely eco-friendly disposable nappy?  Give our Ecoboom Bamboo Nappies and wipes a try.

Our Ultra-soft, eco-friendly and sustainable nappies and wipes give you convenience without compromising the earth.  Here’s a few good reasons to switch :

  1.  Made from FSC certified sustainable bamboo
  2.  Breathable, natural layers keep baby dry and comfortable all day
  3.  Independantly certified, so you can be sure they are bio-degradable
  4.  No phalates, fragrances, dioxins or bleach
  5.  Bio-degradable packaging
  6.  Formulated with aloe vera and chamomile to protect sensitive skin

Don’t just take our word for it.  Our Eco-bundle pack comes with :

1 Box of nappies and 1 pack of wipes PLUS our amazing Fragrance-Free laundry sheets too (Valued at $15.95) – great for pre-washing bub’s clothes to get rid of any nasties.

Tested & Certified

Dermatologically tested and manufactured from sustainable FSC® Certified forests, our Bamboo nappies give you conveniece without costing the Earth …literally.  Independently certified by the SGS, our nappies will breakdown within 147 days compared to a traditional nappy that can take up to 150 years!  So, with over 3.75 million disposables reaching landfill each day in Australia alone, when you choose our Bamboo nappies, not only are you providing the best care for your baby, but you are helping to turn the tide against climate change, protecting our Earth for generations to come.

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Ultimate Eco-Bundle
  • Hypo-Allergenic Baby Laundry Sheets (Fragrance): Frangrance Free
  • Bulk Pack (Size): Size 0 (<3kg - 80 Nappies)

Bamboo Based & Certified Biodegradable

  • High Bamboo Content

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Certified Vegan

  • Naturally Eczema Safe

  • Breaks down in 147days