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Single Box

Get more bang for your buck,  with our Eco-boxes!  Each box contains 2-3 packs of nappies (depending on size) which means you save on shipping and packaging #winning!

Your get our quality organic bamboo nappies at a super economical price - with no nasty surprises! We guarantee it's the best value eco-nappy in Australia! Fully certified, of course - so you know it's the real deal!

Here's why you'lle love these nappies :

  • Every part of the nappy that touches bub is made from hypoallergenic organic bamboo - goodbye nappy rash!
  • No nasty chemicals (OEK-Tex Certified for peace of mind)
  • Ultra-absorbent for 12 hours leak proof protection
  • Certified to biodegrade in 147 days!
  • Made from Organic, FSC Certified Bamboo (Ethically is how we do it!)

Here's why you will love being part of our Panda Family

  • For every dollar you spend with us, 15c goes directly to charity
    (Read more in our partners page)
  • Free Upsizing - so you will never be stuck with nappies you don't use
  • We support families in crisis when we upsize you (your unwanted nappies go straight to a family that needs them)
  • We are a family business that is passionate about supporting you on your parenting journey

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Bamboo Viscose, Aloe Vera, Japanese SAP, Bamboo Fluff

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Single Box
  • Size: Size 0 (<3kg - 80 Nappies)

Bamboo Based & Certified Biodegradable

  • High Bamboo Content

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Certified Vegan

  • Naturally Eczema Safe

  • Breaks down in 147days